Long gone are the days when waxing and shaving used to be the two most popular methods for hair removal.
The introduction of lasers in the 1990s entirely redefined the practice of hair removal. The number of technological advancements has further made laser hair removal more accessible and affordable than before.

The Success of Laser Hair Removal

When it comes to laser hair removal and the success ratio of this method, one of the most commonly asked questions is: how many sessions does it take to see results for laser hair removal?
Well, there are many factors that can influence the success of laser hair removal, which further suggests that no two people can expect to see the same results.
There are five basic commonalities that determine the number of sessions an individual needs to see effective results for laser hair removal. These include:

  • Overall health
    Your overall health in terms of lifestyle and diet can affect the treated areas in many ways.
  • Hair density
    Some people have thick and concentrated hair follicles, while others have very thin hair. Again, hair density is a key factor that determines the results of laser hair removal.
  • The skin color and type
    The overall effectiveness of laser treatment is greatly influenced by skin type and color because the pigments of the skin affect the growth and type of hair on the body.
  • The part or area of the body
    Some parts or areas of the body have fast-growing hair, whereas, in others, the hair tends to grow at very slow speeds. So, the number of sessions you need greatly depends on which part of the body you are getting treated for laser hair removal.
  • Post-laser care and commitment
    Laser hair removal requires proper aftercare and commitment to ensure long-lasting effects and results of the procedure. While post-laser care isn’t as vital a factor as the other four mentioned above, it can impact the results.

The Expected Number of Sessions

An important thing to remember here is that every individual’s rate of hair growth and the amount of hair is different.
Keeping that in mind, the number of treatment sessions that you need to remove unwanted hair in a given area greatly depends on your hair growth cycles.
However, in general terms, laser hair removal usually requires between two to six sessions. The interval between each treatment session has to do with the area or location on the body that is being treated.

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For instance, the upper lip is one of those regions where the hair grows back very quickly, so you can expect the treatment session to be repeated every four to eight weeks. On the other hand, areas of slow hair growth, such as your back, might require treatment every 12 to 16 weeks.
So, it all comes down to the amount of hair on your body, the rate of hair growth, the area that’s being treated and your hair growth cycles.
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