Great Reviews for Best Hair Removal Services

Royal Laser Clinic $$ (905) 237-3242 10815 Yonge St #202A, Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3E3
Morena SaccoMorena Sacco

Great experience and results so far! Nancy and Tara are very kind and welcoming. They do a great job creating a comfortable environment and mitigating any nerves you may have. They also take extra precautions in ensuring a clean and safe space. Highly recommend!

Abhi BAbhi B

Nancy and Tara are true professionals and provide excellent customer service. I had incredible results just after my first appointment. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get laser hair removal. This is the best clinic I’ve ever been to!

Milana MMilana M

I 100% recommend coming to this clinic. Firstly, I personally noticed results after just my first laser treatment. The treatment itself is pretty much painless with the technology they use. I have tried laser hair removal in the past, and it would be quite painful but at Royal Laser, the most I feel is a gentle warm sensation which is pleasant if anything.

Secondly, the service aspect is 6/5. Nancy and Tara are such warm and kind people as well as extremely professional when it comes to the treatments. Scheduling is so easy and the reminders are very helpful.

I am really happy I read the reviews before choosing where to get laser hair removal done. I promise that all of the positive reviews are real I cannot imagine anyone having a negative experience.

Thank you so much Nancy and Tara

Amtoj KandolaAmtoj Kandola

For anyone in search of laser hair removal service, this is the clinic for you! As soon as you walk through the door the staff are extremely kind and friendly ensuring they create a welcoming environment for you. They also make certain to take care of you as well as any questions or concerns you may have which makes the whole process even more reassuring. Simply after the first treatment I started seeing results and they have only just gotten better after each session so I HIGHLY recommend this clinic because their atmosphere is not only very relaxing and great but you get the results you need!

Maryam BajwaMaryam Bajwa

Highly recommend going to royal laser & skincare clinic. I have had a great experience with them so far. Results are fast and the staff does a great job. Nancy and her coworker are very kind to me. Few appointments and my hair was thinner and thinner. Excited to see the final results. Thank you so much to both ladies.

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